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A Journey of Passion, Precision, and Professionalism

Our story begins with Rick Barber, a passionate billiards enthusiast and former owner of two highly-regarded billiard rooms. As someone who had always offered top-notch cue repair in his establishments, Rick recognized an unmet need for quality cue repair in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. In 2018, armed with a lathe and a vision, Rick initiated his journey into cue repair with “DFW Cue Repair.”

However, as he delved deeper into the billiards service needs of the area, Rick soon realized another significant gap. There seemed to be a lack of truly professional-grade maintenance service options for billiard tables at affordable prices. Seizing the opportunity, Rick expanded from cue repairs to the comprehensive arena of table repair, maintenance, and relocation. Thus, DFW Billiard Professionals was born.

Today, DFW Billiard Professionals stands as the DFW area’s only truly independent full-service billiard provider. While we honor our roots in cue repair, our core focus has evolved to emphasize pool table work. What sets us apart isn’t just our proficiency, but our dedication. In a market with many mechanics, we pride ourselves on being more than just assemblers. We are artisans, meticulously dedicated to ensuring each table offers the finest playing experience.

But what truly distinguishes us from the rest? It’s the unmatched blend of value, professionalism, and passion. Sure, there are other reputable businesses and skilled mechanics around. Yet, none deliver the same level of professionalism for the price we offer. Our team, made up of genuine pool lovers, treats each project as if it’s their own. Our mission? Leaving an indelible impression that solidifies us as the go-to experts for every client.

At DFW Billiard Professionals, our commitment isn’t just about delivering services; it’s about crafting unparalleled billiard experiences. Dive into a world where passion meets precision, and let us redefine your billiards journey.

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Our history

It all began in 1999 when Mark Piterson set out to build the best team of movers ever assembled with the goal of bringing exceptional service to the moving industry. We take pride in helping you move locally or long distance.

DFW Cue Repair was born to offer quality cue repair.
Evolved into DFW Billiard Professionals focused on table moves.
Expanded services to offer end-to-end table repair/restoration.
Expanded into commercial equipment placement/maintenance.
Expanded crew to service high demand of services.

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Mark Piterson
Mark Piterson

He passionately encourages high professional standards and quality of service.

Miranda Brook
Miranda Brook
Customer Advisor

Is responsible for supporting the Customer Service and Transport Department

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